I’m Sam Elevato, an artist and teacher based in Torquay, Victoria.

What I Do

Bold colours, fun shapes and explosive texture are the cornerstones of my work. Everyone needs a little art in their lives, it is my aim to put it on your walls, in your jewellery box, on your favourite chair, in your wardrobe and any other place requiring some excitement! Sokoke Creative offers a range of handmade and artist designed wears as well as original artworks. I have a BA in Fine Arts as well as a Diploma of Secondary Visual Arts Education. Teaching is a fantastic challenge but when you get to teach kids to do what you love, it’s simply a joy.


I’m heavily influenced by urban culture, mostly street art and design but I literally look everywhere for ideas and inspiration. If I see a well put together outfit, an interesting advertisement or even an artfully prepared meal- I snap it! I have a massive log of images that I like to squizz at before each studio session.